Top level package for JInput.


Interface Summary
Component An axis is a single button, slider, or dial, which has a single range.
Controller A Controller represents a physical device, such as a keyboard, mouse, or joystick, or a logical grouping of related controls, such as a button pad or mouse ball.
ControllerListener A listener for changes in the state of controllers
Rumbler A Rumbler is a controller's mechanism for delivering feedback to the user through the device.

Class Summary
AbstractComponent Skeleton implementation of a named axis.
AbstractController An AbstractController is a skeleton implementation of a controller that contains a fixed number of axes, controllers, and rumblers.
Component.Identifier Identifiers for different Axes.
Component.Identifier.Key KeyIDs for standard PC (LATIN-1) keyboards
Component.POV POV enum for different positions.
Controller.PortType Common controller port types.
Controller.Type Types of controller objects.
ControllerEnvironment A ControllerEnvironment represents a collection of controllers that are physically or logically linked.
ControllerEvent An event that is fired when the state of a controller changes
Keyboard A Keyboard is a type of controller consisting of a single controller, they keypad, which contains several axes (the keys).
Mouse A Mouse is a type of controller consisting of two child controllers, a ball and a button pad.
Version The version and build number of this implementation.

Package Description

Top level package for JInput.

Package Specification

Use -Djinput.useDefaultPlugin=false (or to disable automatic loading of the default plugin for the platform.
Use -Djinput.plugins (or and specifiy a list of class name to over ride the plugins system. This will force the classes passed to be loaded first, then plugins will be searched for in the default manner (./controller/*.jar)
Use -Djinput.controllerPluginPath to change the path the plugins mechanism will use to search for plugin Jars.